Launch Setup

Our launch site is set up to work very smoothly. A rocketeer would flow to the RSO table to have their rocket inspected for safety to the launch table to fill out a flight card with all the rockets information, then when the range has been cleared of all rockets they may proceed to the designated launch pad. Directly in front of the RSO table is the mod-rock pad, everything from an A to an E motor can be launched here. Farther out we have our mid and high power pads for anything above an F motor. Once everybody has prepped their rocket for launch they will head back to the safe area and our LCO will announce over the PA system who's rocket is going up and on what motor then will give a countdown and launch on zero. this process can be repeated until you are out of motors and/or out of rockets.

Download this file (Hearne map.png)crudely drawn map[ ]18 Kb
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