Flight Information

Tripoli Houston Launch Announcement

Update to the Hearne  Airport issue


FEMA has totally taken over the Hearne Airport. Until some of the trailers are gone, or we can find another location. We will be combining our launch with the Austin Area Rocket Group (AARG). Starting in February we will be flying the first weekend of the month with AARG. Check their website for the actual location https://www.aarg.org/ . The February launch will probably still be at Hutto. Our January launch will be the 2nd weekend as usual, but at the Hutto site. 





Due to hurricane harvey we will now be launching from the north end of the runway.


Flight INFO 


Flights will be limited to 5000 feet. (This will be evaluated month to month due to weather conditions and changes at the airport.) Electronics or chute release will be required for flights over 3000 ft.


Looking forward to seeing everyone


JImmy D. Higham

Tripoli Houston VP


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