BALLS 2016

ball base 2016


Andy, Chris, Eric, and Randy went to BALLS 25 and at this writing they are on their way home. Here is launch report that Andy sent on Saturday evening.

So here's the run down on today's launches! Chris attempted to start the day off with his 3" rocket on a CTI M3700 motor. Antenae issues forced him to reschedule the launch until this afternoon. Once it flew, I can only say WOW! A 21lbs rocket with a motor pumping out 40x more thrust. It pulled 57G off the pad and essentially disappeared into the sky. Telemetry stayed solid and showed Mach 2.2 and over 23k'. The tiny canards on the front of his rocket actually showed some serious signs of aerodynamic induced heating. Yup! So fast, the fins started melting! Perfect recovery 2.4 miles downrange.

Eric was up next with his 2-stage. A few false alarm launch attempts before it leaped off the pad into the sky on an EX N motor booster going to an CTI N sustainer. Both motors were BIG 98mm cases. Booster stage looked great but the separation and ignition of the sustainer had some issues. Both halves were eventually recovered. Data from the altimeters showed at max alt of 66,800'. Not a perfect flight but an improvement from last year as well as an altitude record for any Tripoli Houston member. He is already planning improvements needed for next year.

Next up was Randy with his minimum diameter 4" flying on a long burn N motor. The boost was perfect until burnout and a few seconds later, one of the altimeters appeared to fire the apogee charge as it was still rapidly ascending. Max alt was 14k' which was far below what it should have been. Recovery was completed but the beautiful metal fin can and motor case are stil missing. Search teams will resume tomorrow morning. Last flight was my EZI65 (my old L1 and L2 rocket) flying on a n EX K765. I remember my L2 cert flight hit just over 5k' and with a J. This flight took the bird up to 7,400' with a perfect recovery just over a half mile away.  

On Sunday Andy flew one last flight on his first M research motor and reached an altitude of altitude of 15,200 ft. before packing up.

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