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All About Tripoli Houston Rocket Club

TRA #002 was the second TRA Prefecture ever formed, it was also the first TRA Prefecture in the Great State of Texas. Established December 10th 1985

NAR #916 July 2022.


TRIPOLI HOUSTON conducts launches almost every month of the year at the Hearne Municipal Airport or at the South site located just south of Alvin TX. Check our schedule and links to Launch Site for latest updates on launch locations. Please see the schedule in the menu for launch dates.  Members and guests are encouraged and welcome to fly with us at these launches.  Please see the Membership section of the web site or click on the Join TRIPOLI HOUSTON menu option for club membership information. Membership is not required to attend Hearne launch but is required for the south site with TRIPOLI HOUSTON. If you enjoy launching with us and find yourself attending regularly, then we recommend you join our merry band of cloud shooters as a club member.



TRIPOLI HOUSTON is a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association and NAR to support the High power community.  We hold normal commercial, research, low, mid and high power launches on the 2nd Saturday of each month at Hearne and the South site the 4th Saturday of each month Feb thru sept. We fly under TRA safety code at our sites.


WEATHER – With the fickle weather in Southeast Texas, launches can often be cancelled with short notice. To avoid any miscommunication, you should visit the Tripoli Houston  group IO page to get the latest information on launch status.


Rocketry activities are only permitted at the launch site on the designated launch weekends and then only during designated launch windows. TRIPOLI HOUSTON uses the location as a guest of the launch site land owner.  Our use of this site can be revoked at any time so we must always be on guard to be friendly and thoughtful custodians of the grounds.  What you carry in, you should also carry out: Please remove ALL of your garbage at the end of your flying day.


Launch Equipment - For those of you who have never flown with a rocket club before, TRIPOLI HOUSTON provides all necessary launch equipment.  You don't need to bring a launch pad or controller.  Our low power pads can hold up to 8 model rockets at any one time. For High Power flyers we have 1010 and 1515 rails and larger diameter rods.  Any rockets flying on an L or M motor or over 30lbs should check with the club prior to planning a launch.  For additional details on High Power requirements, please message our prefect.

Tripoli Houston is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high-power rocketry

Thank you for your support to help Tripoli Houston.


Jimmy D. Higham

Tripoli Houston President

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