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Certification 1 & 2 Guideline

For Level 1&2 High Power Certification and test with TRA Prefect or NAR Section. 

Tripoli Houston Rocket Club is both.

How do I do this?


To certify Level 1&2 High Power (All Level 3 must have your TRA TAPS or NAR L3CC present)

  1. You have to be at the south end of the runway at precisely 9:00 AM.

  2. The TRA Prefect/NAR Section Leader(s) is typically at Registration/RSO/LCO canopy, introduce yourself  and present your certification and launch card paperwork filled out as best you can and he/she will assist you with completing the forms.

  3. Be prepared to discussed how you built your rocket, selected your attempt altitude, motor selection, and recovery method with launch site considerations.

  4. If you are seeking a Level 2 certification be prepared to take the written exam at at site.  If you have taken the exam at another locations then the test results section of the certification form must be filled out, dated, and signed by the Prefect/NAR Section Leader(s) who administered and scored the exam.  If your L-2 flight attempt was unsuccessfully the "flight result section" must not be completed and without signature.

  5. Once prepared your rocket for flight bring your paperwork and rocket to the Prefect/NAR Section Leader(s) to be reviewed for flight worthiness under the RSO and site requirements. 

  6. Prefect/NAR Section Leader/Pad Leader will accompany you to the pad to aid in loading the rocket and preparing it for launch.  

  7. You must present at the launch of your rocket, in case there are questing regarding your rocket or flight requirements.

  8. After the rocket is on the ground you will be released to retrieve you rocket 

  9. Once you retrieved your rocket, bring it to the Prefect/NAR Section Leader for inspection.

  10. If in acceptable condition the Prefect/NAR Section Leader will notify you and complete the certification paperwork.

  11. The Prefect/NAR Section Leader will submit the completed certification paperwork to the respective association. 

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